Dance evenings

Kapriol dances every Wednesday starting at 19:00. The dances vary in difficulty. Beginners and experienced dancers dance together. The evening begins with instruction and repetition of easier dances. After about an hour we take a break for refreshments, and after that move on to more challenging dances. We continue until around nine
o´clock. Every dance evening includes an opportunity to request participants' favourite dances. 

All you need take with you to our dance evenings are shoes suitable for dancing and perhaps a belt, which we use to hold on to each other in some dances. And of course your joy of dancing!

We arrange about 10 evenings with instruction per term, as well as some extra evenings dedicated entirely to dances requested by participants.

In order to dance with us you need to pay a membership fee of 100 kr per year together with a course fee of 325 kr per term. All the work of the club is voluntary so the fees support the club's activities and hire of the dance hall.