About the club

Kapriol International Folk Dance Club aims to increase interest in and knowledge about traditional dance and music of different countries, promoting at the same time through these interests a wider understanding between peoples. The club is politically and religiously neutral. (Extract from the club's statute.)

A “kapriol” is a dance step during which the heels are clapped together as the dancer hops upwards and sideways.

Our dance repertoire consists of dances collected over many years. Several times a year guest instructors from countries of interest are invited to one or other of the dance clubs in the Nordic region, but we also travel and participate in summer seminars in the Balkan countries in oder to learn dances that are new to us.  We co-operate with other similar clubs nearby so that we can exchange dances with each other.  Over the years we have also learned many dances from immigrants to Sweden.

We are very willing to come and dance for you or with you ...
…and your friends or work colleagues. This can include parties, birthday celebrations, activity days, community and cultural events. We can also arrange shorter or longer workshops.

Kapriol was founded in 1968 by Bernt and Kerstin Kihlström. The club was very popular in the 1970s and early 80s. In 1978 Kapriol had 182 members, around half of whom were children and teenagers. After a period of reduced activity dance courses were started up again in 1997. At present the club has around 20 members who meet regularly on various occasions to dance together.