Welcome to
International Folk Dance Club
 in Växjö.

Kapriol is a voluntary organisation devoted to traditional dance from many countries, but focusing specifically on the Balkan region. We dance to exciting music with often unfamiliar rhythms! Everyone of any age and level of experience can participate.

The traditional culture of the Balkan region, with its unbroken heritage, is rich and lively. Here we find both easier elementary dances and those with challenging step combinations that need considerable practice. Most of our dances are performed in rings, lines and chains where partners are not necessary.

We include dances from Bulgaria, Romania, North Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo, Albania, Greece, Turkey, Armenia and more.

We dance every Wednesday starting at 19:00, except during holiday periods, and you can find us at:

Högstorpsskolan (the gym)
Högstorpsvägen 147, Växjö.